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Get your car diagnostics Bury St Edmunds from Bakmor Auto Services

We have invested in the latest and greatest of vehicle diagnostics equipment to allow us to connect and diagnose problems on nearly any vehicle

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Modern cars all contain a small computer that manages the workload and actions of your car. This is known as the Engine Control Unit (or Engine Control Module). There are numerous sensors within the engine that feed back information to the Engine Control Unit allowing it to allocate the engines resources and also to flag up any potential or actual issues within the engine.  Usually the ECU will do whatever it can to resolve the problem itself, but if it senses something mechanical going wrong or is unable to regulate the engines performance it will trigger a "Check Engine" light on your dashboard.  

By having regular engine diagnostics done, you can catch small problems before the become massively expensive problems.

Bring your vehicle to our expert diagnostics team for a check up today.

For more information on our car diagnostics in Bury St Edmunds give Bakmor Auto Services a call now on 07388544875 or contact us using our Contact form.

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